The latest gambling news from Sweden

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As far as news in the Sweden is concerned, let’s discuss some of them in there. Have you heard that new gambling legalization was updated in Sweden? The thing is that Swedish gambling law does not have no change until 2014. Recent statements from the Swedish government point out that until next parliamentary term would not any changes in this sphere. Moreover, Peter Norman, who is Swedish financial markets Minister, outspoken whilst the government still was focusing on other problems that could be solved later, he focused on gambling problem, in particular on addiction to games of chance. However, it has decided to delay new legalization until further research is conducted.

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Swedish Gaming Board suggests pieces of advice to government to conduct the research of comparable legislation in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany to evaluate the possible effects of any changes. Before announcing the outcomes of it, the government will wait for at least two years before proffering following measures. In its turn, government pronounced some concerns regarding addiction to games of chances like roulette, poker, slots, blackjack and about the prevalent black market of unlicensed operators in Sweden. However, the thing is that they are loath to change current system until it is developed a straight and right direction for future policy.

In this coming research, government promised a new voluntary code, aiming at protecting assailable players by allowing them to self-exclude or range their own stakes. However, in the past some experts state that this practice was tried and tested in vain, because there were no positive impacts. The most appropriate outcome is to limit number of gamblers can wager and speed the game. In accordance with numbers from the Gambling Commission, in 2012, the overall profit from FOBTs reаches £1.4 billion.

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