UK is now a society governed by smartphones and the Internet

Even in the past phones were strictly used for verbally communicating with people in a restricted area or all around the world, now the things are quite different. People tend to prefer communicated via the Internet instead of talking on the phone, finding it much more facile than they would address real words. What impact can this matter have on our lives? Well, the answer is quite simple – people will start depending on technology at a maximum level and they will forget what real, face to face communication actually means. Considering that technology makes life in general much easier, there is no valid reason to say that you don’t want to use it on a daily basis. This is the case with the UK too. Lately, the country became so attached to the Internet and everything related to it that the entire society started to slowly change.

Some basic facts

Approximatively two-thirds of the people living in the UK own a performant, new smartphone and tend to change it each time something better appears on the market. Most parts of the UK residents’ budget go on gadgets and technology-related products altogether. What’s even more interesting is the fact that UK people now started to run their own businesses with the help of a smartphone. Keeping in mind that Internet-based communications represent now the main basis of businesses, using a smartphone now becomes the most comfortable and efficient way to keep track of your tasks. Along with the global digitalization, a lot of activities are also becoming more accessible. This includes also gambling industry. Nowadays, it is easy enough to take pleasure checking popular review sources like ValleyGames, where you can select online casino activities at your own option.

4G technology is now much more popular that the classic 3G or 2G mobile invoice, because of its rapid features. Thus, 4G users spend twice more time online than the users who did not make an upgrade in the past time. The telecom value in the UK is huge, keeping in mind that over the past six years, the average sum of money that people spend on internet-based communication services increased visibly. But the question remains – what’s the impact of this whole situation on the way UK residents communicate?


Internet-based texting means you have enough time to formulate the way you want your words to sound. For instance, when you need to say something to a person formally by speech, you will find your words ten times harder that you would be with the help of Internet-based communication. Given the fact that is easier to formulate your speech while writing it down than trying to find your words instantly, on the spot, of course, you will tend to prefer virtual communication rather than facing the difficulties of face to face communication.

Yes – on the one hand, Internet-based communication is exactly what people need at the moment considering all the benefits of it, but on the other hand, it can severely damage our basic capacities of interacting with a human being. The UK is one of the most predisposed countries to overuse technology and this happens simply because of the huge influx of people coming and going. Considering all of the above, think about the influence Internet communication has upon you.


Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes is a Reality

There are thousands of individuals out there who became a victim of abuse and neglection of their caregiver. When families are unable to take care of their elders they often choose an easy way to shun their responsibility and send them to nursing homes. Here all they need to do is to pay money to make sure their parents are looked after well.

However, nursing homes abuse is a reality. There are many signs that make it easily recognizable. Elders are generally physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused and if it is not identified in a timely manner, it can have an everlasting impact on their minds. Nursing staff generally commit these kinds of terrible acts against people who are not competent of defending themselves. Any form of abuse against the elders is harmful and should be reported as soon as it is discovered. If you too believe your parents have been abused in the nursing home, you can search Solicitors Guru database to find the best solicitor who can easily handle their case.

For anyone who has been suffering from abuse, it might become a difficult task to let other people know about his plight. Moreover, for elders the feeling of being neglected multiplies to a great extent and being physically less capable, they are unsuccessful at defending themselves. Many patients at nursing homes choose to stay within the four walls of their rooms and thus it is not uncommon to find them hopeless and depressed.

There are certain signs of abuse that are clearly visible such as physical abuse leave marks that cannot be hidden. If someone living in a nursing home shows up with bruises, open wounds, and cuts but there doesn’t seem to be any explanation regarding the wounds then there are chances that he may be suffering from abuse at the nursing home. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a vigilant eye for unexplained wounds, cuts, bruises and any other physical abuse behaviors.

Apart from physical abuse signs, there are some other warning symptoms that must never be overlooked. Blood soaked clothing, sudden weight loss, poor hygiene, skin burns and other similar signs indicate neglect in one way or the other. Withdrawing or staying confined to the room is never the best way to handle such abuse. Rather taking help from a loved one or getting in touch with a solicitor is the best way to get the people responsible for the abuse punished.

It is easier for a young healthy person to take advantage of an older person who is unable to defend himself. While some people are unable to fight against their abuser, others are less willing to make their abuse known. It is up to the nursing home staff to take proper care of the elders as they are being paid for the job.

However, if one of your loved ones has faced abuse at the nursing home, you can always file a case against offenders. You can choose to opt for no win no fee agreement with the attorney as it gives you a benefit of not paying the money if the results are not in your favor. Read more information on no win no fee matter on the trusted legal sources.

Five main user’s dangers on the Internet

The safe virtual world this is a dream of many people therefore many companies and countries make many efforts, spare huge money in order that this dream was realized in reality. But there are five habits of users which get in the way of this dream implementation.

Use of public Wi-Fi

The public Internet is an antonym of the safety concept, and it would be better to refuse from its use. But people continue to use it again and again – in cafes, at bus stations, airports and other various public places. Even if the person didn’t plan to go online most likely he/she will make it after finding the free Wi-Fi point with open access and simple connection.

The problem can be solved by using of VPN. It is much safer, though it is necessary to tinker with settings. It is also possible to simplify a task and to use the special VPN services. And to find the best VPN service you can check with the Anta Net website – it’s always helpful to make some research first.

Identical passwords

People often create own passwords by leaning on the personal life facts and dates. As a result they gain a primitive combination of figures and words which can be “cracked” as easy as shelling pears turns out. Besides, most of the users are using different devices with identical passwords and even if they change them they make this insignificant (by several symbols). But several changed symbols won’t be good protection against viruses and hackers.

To strengthen protection against breaking it is better to use a set of casual figures and letters. The password for each service must be new every time. As to remember all passwords quite problematic, it is necessary to use for this purpose the special managing service or app.

Ignorant computer using

Many users know own computers at the level of ON/OFF switching and using basic programs. They bypass many Internet filters or use a personal computer in public places with any available unprotected Wi-Fi and etc. Such irresponsible behavior is capable to significantly reduce the safety of virtual space of the certain user. But if it is about the company staff, then whole company will be under the blow.

For HR managers it is very important to pay attention to the ability of candidates to use the computer correctly. Lectures about safe engineering will be useful too. In the case of home use of the PC it is also necessary to remember about the protection of data.

Ignore of updating

Updates for different programs are created not only for more convenient use, but also for the protection of the computer. If hackers have only a part of program code, then updating will reduce their efforts to zero. For this reason, refuse from updating because of thinking that if everything works, then innovations aren’t necessary, is silly. Respect to traditions in this case is not only not pertinently, but also dangerous. You should never refuse updates but in order that there was no temptation to press the “Reject” button, set auto update option for main programs.

Viewing of dangerous applications

Each user faces various banners at the Internet which intrigue with their names, reports about prizes, or wonderful means for health. Many PC users at least once followed by the unchecked links, and someone still does it regularly. Even the prevention of antivirus program isn’t capable of stopping the person who has decided to follow the link in order to learn how to lose weight in 20 pounds during 2 days.

And even if human curiosity doesn’t have any limits, it is necessary to remember about safety and ignore unchecked resources. If employees at work go for dangerous surfing, for administration is recommended to introduce penalties for such actions.

The most powerful engineering works of all times

In the latest survey amongst engineering applicants, the crucial question was the most powerful and influential engineer of the last one hundred years. Many of famous and charismatic names were announced, but the single name which is frequently arisen was Isambard Kingdom Brunel. If you have already known this personality and his works, you wouldn’t even ask what makes his career so impressive. It would not come as a surprise that Brunel’s heritage continue being popular today.

The most amazing and scale project of Brunel is Great Bristol Railway. It connects London and Bristol through the network of track, bridges, tunnels and stations. For example, the way features such his breathtaking work like the Box Tunnel, the Wharncliffe Viaduct and Maidenhead Bridge. However, Great Bristol Railway was built in 1870 year, but the quality and design of his project exceeds all up-to-date similar work with high developed technologies.

Thames Tunnel is also one of his major projects, because underwater passage between Wapping and Rotherhithe was created. At first, a lot of different challenges came up, but Bristol had enough courage and patience to overcome all of them and create such construction. The problem actually was that miners and bricklayers were undefended from raw sewage or flames from methane and gas. Several times they have to struggle with flooding. So, the job that they had made was hellishly difficult.

brunel Thames Tunnel

Brunel was involved not only in such global projects on the Britain territory, but also he help to design and build other constructions, many of which manage to stand the hardest times. His magnificent methods and brilliant career demonstrates how various and beneficial career in building can be. For example, he left to modern engineering priceless legacy regarding improving the flow of water and stability of the bank, designed and supplied the vast majority of useful methods and engineering solutions. Today, principles that Brunel used to better the flow of the water within Bristol dock, now are applied to energy production.

Fortunately, nowadays engineers could use recent technologies to help in creating the design and evaluate the possibility of danger in working environment. BIM, which means Building Information Modeling, is one of the most eminent examples due to following reasons. It could create absolute 3D model with status tags of each component of certain building. Furthermore, BIM gives a golden opportunity to map the building at each stage project lifecycle. This practice helps to avoid different sort of risks and dangers concerned for builders and workers.  Through the development of up-to-date technologies in building sphere, new engineering roles were created like BIM coordinator, managers and modellers.

With regards to modern building services, the greatest follower of Brunel’s tradition became PW. Piggott and Whitfield building services are famous for its highest standards. The thing is that company truly works with highly qualified specialists that are major in conceptual, pre-construction and construction stages. In addition, Piggott and Whitfield Company support BIM, which seems to be the set of the future standard of engineering. That’s why they have invested heavily in 3D modeling provision and created professional team with considerable experience.

The Most Widely Used Groups Of Water Resistant Paints

Depending on the origin of fillers, all the water-resistant paints are divided into the following groups:

  • Mineral;
  • Silicate;
  • Acrylic;
  • Silicone;

They all differ in quality of the coating produced, and, of course, in price. For example, silicate paints and silicone groups are way more expensive than acrylic ones. But the coatings, which create these colors, provide unparalleled strength and resistance to damage of any kinds. However, the acrylic paints are more popular among consumers; and the explanation is simple: a conjunction of a reasonable price and the ability to use it in the areas of high humidity predetermine the choice of the majority.

Latex paint coatings not only protects the surface from moisture, but also provide resistance from all the sorts of pollution. This way or the other, figuring out whether acrylic or latex is a better choice for the bathroom or basement is hardly possible – both solutions have their own advantages and weak points. The choice is yours; however, when considering paint products for your bathroom, keep in mind that by using low quality paints you there’s always a risk that the material will crust and get spoiled quicker than you can imagine, within as little as months of use. Thus, you may want to consider the reliable manufacturers, such as Condor or Britannia, specialising in top quality interior and exterior wall coatings manufacturing, guaranteeing the results for long years to come.

Creating an exquisite look

Continue reading “The Most Widely Used Groups Of Water Resistant Paints” »

Know-how Legal Protection Basics In EU & UK

Sweden was the only country to pass a law entirely dedicated to the protection of trade secrets. Some EU Member states have specific legal provisions governing such facilities, while in others, the general law rules are applied. In a number of jurisdictions in the relationship with the secrets of the production subject to the provisions of the laws on unfair competition and the Criminal Code.

Quite often, labor legislation imposes specific duties on employees to maintain the confidentiality of information of the employer during the period of employment. At the same time the problem of obtaining such information by workers illegally remains actual. In addition to the legal provisions of the duty of confidentiality may result from a contract or rules on torts.

Unfair competition

In Germany, Austria and Poland the main legal provisions concerning trade secrets are contained in the legislation on unfair competition. Such legislation exists and is partially applied to the know-how and in other countries The law of torts is actively used in respect of trade secrets in Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal.

Criminal legal protection of know-how exists in most countries (except Ireland and the UK, although in 1997, it was decided to introduce such protection, but no practical steps have been taken since then). In UK much depends on the direct services providers, like UMIP (services provider) for example, a branch of Manchester University (innovator) focused on intellectual property consulting and management.

Germany, Greece and Cyprus are considering criminal sanctions as one of the most reliable ways to prevent illegal actions in respect of protected information. The punishment for “stealing” trade secrets is usually given in the form of fines or imprisonment. Continue reading “Know-how Legal Protection Basics In EU & UK” »

The essential role of ball valves in engineering systems

Today it is difficult to imagine even a basic engineering system, whether it be water, heat, gas, air conditioning or oi transportation infrastructure without flow control devices of various media, i.e. without the pipeline valves. The principle of operation of any pipeline valves is based on the change in the flow cross sections. One of the most common type that is used to shut off the flow of the medium is the ball valve. The devices invented almost 100 years ago rely on basic physics laws and no significantly more effective alternative until nowadays.

Ball valves and durable industrial ball valves by Orseal, a seasoned engineering equipment manufacturer, are a decent example of a finest quality and unsurpassed cost-efficiency: by its parameters, they in no way inferior, and in many ways superior to costly analogs by large US and Swiss enterprises. Orseal focuses on reliability and durability and promotes easy-to-use systems, valves for gas, water, heating and cooling, as well as for other industrial processes.

When choosing body ball valves for common industries considering carbon steels and special heat-resistant colored enamel models that can withstand operating temperatures up to 200°C, and having a high resistance to the appearance of scratches. However, it is worth noting that there are models of valves providing heat and cold-resistant performance that can withstand ambient temperatures up to -60 ° C, which is especially important for the northern regions, oil and gas industries. Since the locking sphere is the most crucial element in the construction, it is typically made of stainless steel. Additionally, the ball is covered with grease, thus reducing friction and wear of ring seals, plus it increases the life of the ball itself. The surface of the ball is carefully polished with protecting layer (but no more than 0.1 micron thickness). Such a high accuracy at times allows to reduce the wear of ring seal, and hence to considerably increase the service life of the tap (when compared to conventional valves). The reliability and durability of the saddle seal is provided by the crane, which is made of a fluoroplastic with the addition of 20% carbon. In connection with this increase, the design life with proper maintenance grows up to 25 years. The production range of steel ball valves typically includes 16, 25, 40 bar models in a range of diameters from 15 to 500 mm. There are the following options for configuration management you may want to make use of: mechanical gearbox, manual (stick), electric actuator, pneumatic actuator.

To press for an increased durability pay attention to A-class integrity throughout life, through the use of disc springs, which create additional seat springing. Every ball valve is tested for strength and density of design with water or air – saddle seals for leaks, after which it is assigned to a unique number. Ball valves Biwa, successfully passed the test, go to the packing area where passport-equipped with detailed instructions and labeling.

Mindless Code Devouring Your Marketing Budget

Have you ever thought about the fact that your internet advertising is served not only to humans but soulless scripts – bots, as well? The question may seem odd, but according to the range of studies it is argued that almost a quarter of the traffic is generated by robots. Does it mean you just waste a considerable sum of money? Help yourself with a comprehensive article, prepared in collaboration with HTP Digital, a top-star b2b digital marketing agency based in Manchester.

The state of affairs

Incapsula Company, which deals with information security sites, presented an analysis of more than 15 billion visits to over 20,000 sites in 2014. According to their data, 29% of traffic in 2014 accounts for robots. And while some share goes to search engine robots, the lion’s share goes to bots that masquerade as web crawlers. 22% of these entities represent special hacking tools that collect statistics from sites and steal confidential information, a further 3% are the programs that attempt to clean up the data on the targeted sites. For sites with a small percentage of attendance bots traffic is even greater – 31%. Incapsula marks a positive trend: compared with 2013, the share of bots in the traffic of web resources has decreased by 10%, but by the same percentage increase in the number of simulators bot traffic.

Bots that love advertising

According to the study by the American Association of Advertisers, which took place in August and September, 2014, 23% of the largest US video advertising brands get their views from boots. This study was more extensive than the work Incapsula: more than 30 million of websites have been analysed during 60 days. As a result, some advertising video campaigns revealed they attract from 2% to 100% of bot traffic.

In Eastern Europe and Asia, bots are even more active. For several years various sources, in particular BotScaner, say that robots account for no less than 35% of the traffic Russia. In a large percentage of cases, it is not just the search engine crawlers or hacking scripts, but very real cheats that make the owners of advertising platforms – webmasters, agencies that carry Internet traffic, or the promotion of sites and content. Draining advertising traffic from competitors is another trouble.

Unfortunately, the exact figures concerning the video advertising do not exist. But there are some techniques that help find out the real effectiveness of video advertising for any company. For example, a tool developed by mfive for measuring viral videos – Viral Checker. It can help you understand how effective your video views.

Any advertiser in this case a question arises: why pay-per-views, which make the bots? The answer seems obvious. Do not trust the figures: a few million page views may cause euphoria and a feeling of success. This is where unscrupulous contractors aim at. So do not give in to emotions, do not believe your eyes and reports, initiate a deep traffic sources and efficiency analysis and take advantage of different metrics.

Gantry Cranes Mechanism Ins & Outs

This post is sponsored by Granada Material Handling, the gantry hoist and overhead crane manufacturing innovator servicing domestic UK and EU market. The article focuses on mechanism of gantry cranes and their functioning.

Gantry cranes structure

The bridge crane is a major supporting structure designed to move the trolley that works with overhead loads or lifting devices. Since the mass of the bridge may constitute up to 75% of the total weight of the metal gantry crane and wind loads on the bridge may increase the load up to 85%, the design of the gantry crane for a given object is absolutely crucial.

Bridge structures are different and are selected taking into account specific conditions of the bridge, having the lowest metal content and the easiest to manufacture and assemble. By the number of supporting beams are classified into single and double-girder bridges. Depending on the required width of the served areas and access roads for vehicles with single beam and girder bridges are either console (with one or two consoles) or non-console.

On a number of cranes used in ports, one of the consoles can run the lift to the passage of ships. The height of the bridge girders is determined by the crane consoles. With the length of the console equal to 20-30% of the span, the height of beams equals 8%. When using non-console cranes the height of beams increases by 4-5%. Continue reading “Gantry Cranes Mechanism Ins & Outs” »

Ultrasound Industrial Application Overview

Due to the increasing complexity of modern engineering products, the sophistication of requirements for accuracy and reliability, with the improvement of production technology significantly increased demands on the quality of cleaning. Perfection of applied technological processes of cleaning and surface preparation depends essentially on quality cleaning products in various industries. Modern methods of surface cleaning products provide a complete mechanical, chemical and physico-chemical interaction between the active cleaning environment pollution and the surface being cleaned.

High-quality cleaning of parts is a quite complicated and time consuming process. It is carried out with the help of special detergents that have the ability to soften and dissolve dirt to remove it from the surface. Aqueous solutions are known to be the widely used medium for removing contaminants. They are effective, non-toxic, non-flammable and allowing using ultrasonic activation, greatly accelerating the cleaning process and improving its efficiency. Under the influence of ultrasonic the washing liquid acquires the ability to penetrate into the deep pores, tight holes, channels and nodes of complex configuration, portions of which under normal circumstances, the impact of cleaning media will hardly be achieved. Despite the wide variety of processes for the preparation of the surface details before subsequent operations, cleaning process in general is reduced to two aspects:

  1. Cleaning in an aqueous solution of technical detergent (TD);
  2. Washing residues from TD in running water.

One of the most promising applications of ultrasound in various industries, which meets modern requirements of technological processes, is the cleaning of parts, components and assemblies of technological and operational pollution. The specialised equipment is supplied by the brands producing ultrasonic cleaning systems. Hilsonic Company, a prominent ultrasonic cleaner equipment manufacturer offers a range of 20+ models with deep customisation capabilities, and this is just a single brand.

The process of contamination occurs on the surfaces mostly during the production process. Preclassification pollution assessment of the cleaning surface allows to choose the right detergent and cleaning technology. Taking into account the features of ultrasonic cleaning all the dirt is classified into three main features:

  1. the ability to withstand loads microshock;
  2. the nature and strength of the connection with the surface to be cleaned;
  3. the nature of the chemical interaction with the cleaning fluid.

The most common for most industries are oil pollution and oil-based polishing paste, inorganic pollution in the form of mechanical particles and dust, corrosion products, oxides, oxide film. When machining chips, dust, burrs and etc. are produced. When welding and scale, flux residues, resins, salts are formed.

It is relatively easy to remove inorganic contaminants in the form of particles and dust mechanically weakly coupled with the surface details. But when it comes to polishing, grinding and lapping pastes consisting of abrasive powders and binders – the removal will hardly be a walk in the park. They are based on stubborn substance – oleic acid, stearin, paraffin, etc. and abrasives do not dissolve neither in water nor in organic solvents. With ultrasonic cleaning such contamination is removed due to emulsification and saponification of fatty pollution and dispersion of solid particles.