We put together this website because we wanted a way that we could inform people more about finance. We realise that there are a lot of people that do not know that much about finance and therefore need some help. We have therefore worked hard to try to put together a website to help them. We therefore have a selection of articles on the website where we share useful information. We hope that the people reading the articles will start to realise that there are changes that they can make, some of which are pretty simple and easy, that will help them to be able to make some quick and simple changes to what they are doing so that they can improve their financial situation. Obviously, it is not easy to turn things around completely, but getting started with a few easy steps can be so enlightening and we hope that we can influence that so that people feel that they will be able to then move forwards rather than being stuck in a rut and feeling out of control of their money. Then we hope that they will built on this and keep making changes until their situation drastically improves and they can much more easily manage their money.