Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes is a Reality

There are thousands of individuals out there who became a victim of abuse and neglection of their caregiver. When families are unable to take care of their elders they often choose an easy way to shun their responsibility and send them to nursing homes. Here all they need to do is to pay money to make sure their parents are looked after well.

However, nursing homes abuse is a reality. There are many signs that make it easily recognizable. Elders are generally physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused and if it is not identified in a timely manner, it can have an everlasting impact on their minds. Nursing staff generally commit these kinds of terrible acts against people who are not competent of defending themselves. Any form of abuse against the elders is harmful and should be reported as soon as it is discovered. If you too believe your parents have been abused in the nursing home, you can search Solicitors Guru database to find the best solicitor who can easily handle their case.

For anyone who has been suffering from abuse, it might become a difficult task to let other people know about his plight. Moreover, for elders the feeling of being neglected multiplies to a great extent and being physically less capable, they are unsuccessful at defending themselves. Many patients at nursing homes choose to stay within the four walls of their rooms and thus it is not uncommon to find them hopeless and depressed.

There are certain signs of abuse that are clearly visible such as physical abuse leave marks that cannot be hidden. If someone living in a nursing home shows up with bruises, open wounds, and cuts but there doesn’t seem to be any explanation regarding the wounds then there are chances that he may be suffering from abuse at the nursing home. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a vigilant eye for unexplained wounds, cuts, bruises and any other physical abuse behaviors.

Apart from physical abuse signs, there are some other warning symptoms that must never be overlooked. Blood soaked clothing, sudden weight loss, poor hygiene, skin burns and other similar signs indicate neglect in one way or the other. Withdrawing or staying confined to the room is never the best way to handle such abuse. Rather taking help from a loved one or getting in touch with a solicitor is the best way to get the people responsible for the abuse punished.

It is easier for a young healthy person to take advantage of an older person who is unable to defend himself. While some people are unable to fight against their abuser, others are less willing to make their abuse known. It is up to the nursing home staff to take proper care of the elders as they are being paid for the job.

However, if one of your loved ones has faced abuse at the nursing home, you can always file a case against offenders. You can choose to opt for no win no fee agreement with the attorney as it gives you a benefit of not paying the money if the results are not in your favor. Read more information on no win no fee matter on the trusted legal sources.