The most powerful engineering works of all times

In the latest survey amongst engineering applicants, the crucial question was the most powerful and influential engineer of the last one hundred years. Many of famous and charismatic names were announced, but the single name which is frequently arisen was Isambard Kingdom Brunel. If you have already known this personality and his works, you wouldn’t even ask what makes his career so impressive. It would not come as a surprise that Brunel’s heritage continue being popular today.

The most amazing and scale project of Brunel is Great Bristol Railway. It connects London and Bristol through the network of track, bridges, tunnels and stations. For example, the way features such his breathtaking work like the Box Tunnel, the Wharncliffe Viaduct and Maidenhead Bridge. However, Great Bristol Railway was built in 1870 year, but the quality and design of his project exceeds all up-to-date similar work with high developed technologies.

Thames Tunnel is also one of his major projects, because underwater passage between Wapping and Rotherhithe was created. At first, a lot of different challenges came up, but Bristol had enough courage and patience to overcome all of them and create such construction. The problem actually was that miners and bricklayers were undefended from raw sewage or flames from methane and gas. Several times they have to struggle with flooding. So, the job that they had made was hellishly difficult.

brunel Thames Tunnel

Brunel was involved not only in such global projects on the Britain territory, but also he help to design and build other constructions, many of which manage to stand the hardest times. His magnificent methods and brilliant career demonstrates how various and beneficial career in building can be. For example, he left to modern engineering priceless legacy regarding improving the flow of water and stability of the bank, designed and supplied the vast majority of useful methods and engineering solutions. Today, principles that Brunel used to better the flow of the water within Bristol dock, now are applied to energy production.

Fortunately, nowadays engineers could use recent technologies to help in creating the design and evaluate the possibility of danger in working environment. BIM, which means Building Information Modeling, is one of the most eminent examples due to following reasons. It could create absolute 3D model with status tags of each component of certain building. Furthermore, BIM gives a golden opportunity to map the building at each stage project lifecycle. This practice helps to avoid different sort of risks and dangers concerned for builders and workers.  Through the development of up-to-date technologies in building sphere, new engineering roles were created like BIM coordinator, managers and modellers.

With regards to modern building services, the greatest follower of Brunel’s tradition became PW. Piggott and Whitfield building services are famous for its highest standards. The thing is that company truly works with highly qualified specialists that are major in conceptual, pre-construction and construction stages. In addition, Piggott and Whitfield Company support BIM, which seems to be the set of the future standard of engineering. That’s why they have invested heavily in 3D modeling provision and created professional team with considerable experience.