UK is now a society governed by smartphones and the Internet

Even in the past phones were strictly used for verbally communicating with people in a restricted area or all around the world, now the things are quite different. People tend to prefer communicated via the Internet instead of talking on the phone, finding it much more facile than they would address real words. What impact can this matter have on our lives? Well, the answer is quite simple – people will start depending on technology at a maximum level and they will forget what real, face to face communication actually means. Considering that technology makes life in general much easier, there is no valid reason to say that you don’t want to use it on a daily basis. This is the case with the UK too. Lately, the country became so attached to the Internet and everything related to it that the entire society started to slowly change.

Some basic facts

Approximatively two-thirds of the people living in the UK own a performant, new smartphone and tend to change it each time something better appears on the market. Most parts of the UK residents’ budget go on gadgets and technology-related products altogether. What’s even more interesting is the fact that UK people now started to run their own businesses with the help of a smartphone. Keeping in mind that Internet-based communications represent now the main basis of businesses, using a smartphone now becomes the most comfortable and efficient way to keep track of your tasks. Along with the global digitalization, a lot of activities are also becoming more accessible. This includes also gambling industry. Nowadays, it is easy enough to take pleasure checking popular review sources like ValleyGames, where you can select online casino activities at your own option.

4G technology is now much more popular that the classic 3G or 2G mobile invoice, because of its rapid features. Thus, 4G users spend twice more time online than the users who did not make an upgrade in the past time. The telecom value in the UK is huge, keeping in mind that over the past six years, the average sum of money that people spend on internet-based communication services increased visibly. But the question remains – what’s the impact of this whole situation on the way UK residents communicate?


Internet-based texting means you have enough time to formulate the way you want your words to sound. For instance, when you need to say something to a person formally by speech, you will find your words ten times harder that you would be with the help of Internet-based communication. Given the fact that is easier to formulate your speech while writing it down than trying to find your words instantly, on the spot, of course, you will tend to prefer virtual communication rather than facing the difficulties of face to face communication.

Yes – on the one hand, Internet-based communication is exactly what people need at the moment considering all the benefits of it, but on the other hand, it can severely damage our basic capacities of interacting with a human being. The UK is one of the most predisposed countries to overuse technology and this happens simply because of the huge influx of people coming and going. Considering all of the above, think about the influence Internet communication has upon you.